Saturday, April 13, 2013

This post doesn't deserve a title. Stupid post.

Poop on today. Right on it. All over it, even. Poop all over today. It sucked.

Wait, I'm supposed to be more positive, or so they tell me. Ok, what good things happened today?

I finally did my dishes and I'm pretty sure I didn't die. Yep, that's it for accomplishments...

My day started at 2am when Ant (previously known as the Ex...we're kind of together again but it's stupidly complicated) said he "didn't feel so great" and the proceeded to puke for several hours. I am pukephobic (it's totally a thing!) so comforting him was less than easy and involved plugging my ears, closing my eyes and pretending it wasn't happening. Real fucking supportive. I suck.

Then my grandma couldn't sleep (you know, puking is a little distracting and, well, loud) and she had to get up at 8am which meant I had to get up at 8am too, of course. Then again I hadn't yet slept by then so it wasn't really a matter of "getting up" but more a matter of "fuck it, I'm not sleeping anyways!" So, ya know, that worked out just swell-like.

I finally went to sleep around 8:30 because Ant was pretty sure he didn't have anything else he COULD throw up and grandma was ready to go to visit my brother. I slept for about 8 seconds, however, before my grandma needed help packing something. Then she woke me up again 10 seconds later to find her phone which was, of course, in her purse.

Also, I just want to say, I fucking hate iTunes. I just got a new (used but new to me) iPod touch and syncing it with iTunes on my computer (you know, to get the music from my computer onto it so I can USE it. Is that too much to ask? Apparently) is almost more damn trouble than it's worth.

*insert string of curses I'm too lazy to think up*

Oh and I tried to do my taxes today (I know it's late. I'm skilled at procrastination. Gotta be good at something, right?) but it turns out I'm not smart enough. Fuck it, I'll let someone else do them for me. I have done my own taxes most of my adult life but apparently someone else has possession of the Brain today (don't worry, that's normal. My mom, best friend and I all share one. Today was not my day to have it, that's all) so THAT'S not happening.

This was not a real post. This was me being bitchy. I'm sorry if you've read this far. You should go read something good. I totally owe you something for this poor excuse for a post. Maybe when I'm no longer a hobo I'll buy you a drink, person who is still reading this. Maybe.

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