Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Thank God I'm not a REAL blogger

I'm so glad no one reads my blog because FUCK would they ever be disappointed! I mean, really? How many months and this is only my THIRD post? What the hell, Roo? What's wrong with you?

But, really, my life kinda blew up lately. My boyfriend left me, I realized that my fucked up, manipulative crazy-bitch mother has somehow convinced my whole family to hate me, I found out that my ex-fiance (whom I still love because you don't just STOP loving a person you almost married) is leaving the country, I'm trying to find a new place to live because I can't afford this place on my own, and my panic attacks have increased ten-fold because I was stupid enough to rely on my now-ex-boyfriend to get me through them (they mostly happen at night and now I'm alone at night. Fuck) Oh and I'm trying to find another job.


Still, it could be worse and I know that. That fact doesn't make it feel less shitty though.

My point is I'm really glad no one reads this shit.

End rant.

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